How do You Make a House a Home?

Experience Luxury Rental Living

Luxury living at an affordable price has never been easier to find than with Caliber Iowa. Our stylish townhomes provide the beauty and amenities of owning with the flexibility and ease of renting.

Build And Design A Custom Home

At Caliber Homes, we’re with you during every step of the home building process. Architecture to design and decoration, we let you focus on the dream while we help you with the house.

Buy An Existing Caliber Home

Ready to move in? Caliber Iowa has designed and developed a number of completed houses that are only missing one thing: you. Discover the distinctive excellence of a Caliber home.

Find The Perfect Spot To Start

Our commitment to your home or business begins at the very first step--land development. Whether you are looking for a place to start a family or start a business, look no further than Caliber Homes.

Caliber At The 2015 Homeshow Expo

Building a custom home with Caliber Homes of Iowa is one of the best decisions we could have made! We were blown away by how smooth the home building process has gone, and have loved every minute of it.

Nicole Mills

Rent, Buy or Build

You are one step away from making your dream home your actual home. Contact Caliber Homes to get started on a custom house, to request information about our pre-designed properties, to learn more about our townhome rentals, begin developing land for your commercial or residential project or to ask any question you may have. We want to be with you for every step of the home building process. This is step one.